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Daft Hotel is a place for artists and tourists. For influencers & Buddhists. Contemporary and quirky. Hip and contemporary design, hidden in the Ardennes forest.

Enjoy a craft beer from the honesty bar, binge-watch on Netflix in the home cinema or splash in the indoor pool with underwater music.
Daft Hotel goes for “a new kind of hospitality”: a real feeling of home, with the extra service on top.
Residential music studios in the midst of nature,
built to serve the artist’s vision.

Daft Music Studios is a high-end, Rupert Neve Designs 5088 Shelford Limited Edition equipped facility, consisting of one of the biggest recording rooms in Europe, a large control room and 4 isolated booths.

The main recording area has a floor space of 200 m² with an 8 m high ceiling. Three isolation booths of various sizes and acoustic properties are accessible from the main hall. The wardrobe in the entrance, with its concrete walls, doubles as an excellent echo chamber.
Logos Partners-01.png
Dox delivers a whole range of music services. From its office in Amsterdam, the company runs the record label Dox Records, as well as Dox Publishing and booking agency Dox Live.
Dox, from the Greek word for ‘concept’ doxa, was founded in 1997 by a group of musicians as a new alternative in changing music industry. Dox works closely with artists, developing and managing careers for the long term, based on a concerted online vision tailored to each project and artist to maximize the audience. Key to this is the company's commitment to the artistic freedom and continuity of each of Dox's artists.
Dox has been making fresh, experimental music for nearly 25 years, created, produced and promoted in unconventional ways.
If the emotion is universal, so is its musical expression.
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